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BRILL Journal Collection

During these unprecedented times of COVID 19 we are pleased to inform you that
your university now has trial access to the Brill Online Journal Collection until 31 August 2020.

Journal links are as follows

Brill Humanities & Social Sciences Journal Collection
Brill International Law & Human Rights Journal Collection
Brill Biology Journal Collection


JoVE Online JoVE video content

JoVE is the world-leading producer and provider of science videos with the mission to improve scientific research and education. Millions of scientists, educators and students at thousands of universities, colleges, hospitals and biopharmaceutical companies worldwide use JoVE for their research, teaching and learning.

This offers includes the entire JoVE library:

1. JoVE Research

JoVE Journal - JoVE videos bring to life the intricate details of cutting-edge experiments enabling efficient learning and replication of new research methods and technologies in 13 STEM fields.

JoVE Encyclopedia of Experiments - the first-in-the-world online video encyclopedia of advanced research experiments.

2. JoVE Education

JoVE Science Education - teach scientific fundamentals with this video library of simple easy-to-understand video demonstrations in 8 STEM fields.

JoVE Core - isolate key scientific concepts and visualize them to maximize learning comprehension. This video textbook, available in Biology and Social Psychology, can be used as a primary teaching resource or it can supplement other teaching materials.

JoVE Lab Manual - bring the lab home with comprehensive, curriculum-focused videos for introductory Biology and Chemistry lab courses.

Your university now has free access to the Jove Online JoVE video contentCollection until 30September 2020.


British Medical Journal

We are pleased to inform you that British Medical Journal is now available for six months from 27.10.2022