Library Collection

The books are specially collected for related subjects. In addition collections research reports, past papers, reports, paper cutting collection, map collection etc. Book collection and resources are name five section in our library. There are reference, lending, special Sri Lanka collection and periodical.

*  Schedule Reference
*  Lending LN
*  Permanent Reference
*  Special Collection
*  Quick Reference Collection
*   Sri Lankan Collection
*  Map Collection MC
*  Multimedia Collection MMC
*  Periodical Section  
*  News Clipping  
*  News papers  

















Organization of the Library Collection

All library resources are orderly accessioned and recorded in catalogue for easy access.

Classification Scheme

All the books except journals are organized on the library shelves by subjects according to international classification system named "Deway Desimal Classification". to the 21st edition of DDC every book is given class number and Author number which is called "Call number".

Eg :-

Call number helps to find out the information items from the library.

Out line of the classification scheme is displayed in the library. The access paints such as Title, Name of the Author.Authors, Compiler, Editor, Subject classification number etc. can be used to retrieve the information from the library.

Online Public access catalogue(OPAC)

Online Public Access Catalogue on "Koha" (OPAC) is available to access resources of the library. There are two computers allocated to access the OPAC and they are placed at the library counter and reading hall.

The books in the library are arranged in the shelves according to the Dewey Decimal Classification(DDC) system.

Number Class
000 General Knowledge
100 Philosophy
200 Religion
300 Social Sciences
400 Language
500 Science
600 Applied Sciences
700 Fine Art
800 Literature
900 Geography & History

Schedule Reference -(SR )

This collection consists of highly valuable books with lesser number of copies.

Lending Collection - (LN)

All other books can be taken out on the students for two weeks and the academic staff three months. Reservations according to the request made by the readers are operated by the library main counter.

Permanent Reference - (PR)

Permanent reference must be consulted in the library. On the spine of them you can find the PR label. These reference materials include: Encyclopedia Dictionaries, Maps, Atlas Glossaries and other publications which are intended stricken for reference.

Special Collection - (SC)

The libraries holdings from its inception have been enriched from time to time by donations of valuable collections in private hands. A Mr. Rambanda Seneviratne are some of the important books collections. That have been accession and catalogue collection of main library. Since they are in locked cases, requirements to use them should be made library staff member. Borrowing is not permitted. These can be identified by the SC label on the Spine.

Quick reference Collection - (QRC)

The main library has well organized Quick Reference collection with a QRC spine label. This comprehensive collection consists of ready reference materials and important textbooks materials. In this, section books released only for taking photocopies.

Sri Lanka Collection - (SLC)

It is collect and organizes all publications about Sri Lanka and related disciplines in this section. The most important and valuable collection held here is the Sri Lanka Collection. This collection holds materials written either by Sri Lankan authors or on subjects relevant to Sri Lanka. This is available for reference only.

Map Collection

This collection contains the maps and is available for reference only.

Multimedia Collection

A member of academic staff and students are use to internet facilities. In limited members of our library. They need special authorization to use this computers. The library also has audio visual unit there both academic staff and students can used materials available at the unit as audio visual aids for learning. Specially CD's with are attached the books are not allowed to tale out side from the library. To borrowed a CD a students has sign before take and sign back to ensure the return of the CD.

Periodical Collection

This has arranged alphabetically. Academic staff and students are not allowed to borrow but issued for photocopy.

News Clipping

Library maintains a paper clipping collection for series of subjects.

News Papers

This collection consists of National News papers as